Make sure to follow the new speed limit on I-91

The speed change is in effect until I-91 repairs are finished

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Starting Tuesday morning, and for the rest of the time the Massachusetts Department of Transportation works to repair the elevated portion of Interstate 91, drivers can only drive at speeds ranging from 40 to 55 miles per hour.

Those new speed limits will run along I-91 from just before the South End Bridge to just after the North End Bridge. Anyone caught going faster than the new speed limits will receive double the fine as they would in any construction zone.

Anyone who’s driven on I-91 has encountered these milled out portions of the road, that make you feel as if you’re on a roller coaster. Those are all part of the preliminary stages to the I-91 rehabilitation project.

The MassDOT told 22News they’re stripping down and re-paving these sections in pieces to work around steel expansion joints that can’t get milled down.

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Image Courtesy: Mass DOT
Image Courtesy: Mass DOT

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