The politics of immigration

Trump said he would reverse all of President Obama's executive orders on immigration

WASHINGTON (NBC) – Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has unveiled details of his plan to secure the U.S. – Mexico border and deal with the immigration issue. Trump was unapologetic as he told NBC’s Chuck Todd that all undocumented workers have to go.

On “Meet The Press” Trump said he would reverse all of President Obama’s executive orders on immigration and deport all undocumented immigrants.

He would end automatic citizenship for any child born in the United States, and also plans to force Mexico into paying for a wall on the U.S. border.

“They will pay for the wall. They’re sending drugs and they’re taking money out. They’re making a lot of money. Mexico is making a lot of money,” Trump said.

Trump says if Mexico refuses to pay for the wall, the U.S. would raise fees on visas and border crossing cards.

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