“The Gift”

Rated R
1 hour 45 minutes

Jason Bateman
Joel Edgarton
Rebecca Hall

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) — Whoever coined the phrase, “you may be through with the past, but the past isn’t through with you”, must have inspired the excellent psychological thriller “The Gift”.
Running into an old classmate can be a pleasant surprise, but not always.

Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall are on the fast track to the good life when out of the blue, Gordo the weirdo enters their lives. We’ve all known a creepy misfit from high school, but what’s the connection that puts Bateman on edge?

It is best we dispense with the particulars for now, until you’re completely caught up in their war of nerves. With Rebecca Hall as much in the dark as we are, the secrets unfold through her eyes.

The wonderful Australian actor Joel Edgarton gives a brilliant performance. Edgarton also wrote the inventive story and directed in a fashion worthy of Alfred Hitchcock.

Edgarton has his audience dangling from a string playing games with us and we just love what he’s doing to our nervous systems. This old fashioned nerve jangler renews your faith in the art of clever movie making for grow ups.

The acting’s superb, the writing crisp and meaningful and the directing a joy to behold. In other words, it’s a gift we deeply appreciate with 4 stars. After a summer of trashy teenager movies, we needed “The Gift” that keeps on giving every time we cringe.

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