Technical issues cause delays and cancellations for thousands of flyers on the east coast

At least 10 different flights have either been delayed or canceled

WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WWLP) – Hundreds of Travelers leaving out of Bradley international Airport Saturday ran into some major delays and even flight cancellations.

The FAA had to investigate a computer problem at an air traffic control center in Virginia, causing flights all along the east coast to be canceled of delayed.

The issue was resolved by 6:00 this evening but for some flyers that was already too late at least eight different flights were canceled here at Bradley International Airport.

“We tried to reschedule with Southwest and at the time they told us they couldn’t get us out until Wednesday, so we ended up scheduling with another airline and we’re flying out in the morning at 6 o’clock” said Jeff Cantarella of Dalton.

The FAA has not said what the exact problem was but they did say that they were investigating an automation problem and that is was not believed to be caused by any accident of hacking.

For a first time flyer at Bradley Saturday this was enough to make him think twice about flying again. “I’m starting to panic, first time flyer, plane is running late I just feel like there’s no way i could have made the connecting flights in time and I’m stuck. I don’t know what would have happened if I flew all the way out there and I’m stuck,” said Anthony Bourrssa of Dudley.

The FAA says they are continuing to look for the root cause of the problem.

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