Investigators analyze pollen found on Baby Doe’s clothes

It has been nearly two months since the little girl’s body was found

(CNN) – She was first spotted on the Boston harbor’s rocky shoreline. No name. No identity. No one reporting her missing. A woman walking her dog noticed a plastic bundle and called police.

Investigators found the child wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag, discarded like a piece of trash and left resting on the rocks on Deer Island; which is just east of Boston’s Logan Airport.

Investigators named her Baby Doe, and set out trying to figure out who she is, and how she got there.

(How disturbed are you by this discovery here?) Anthony Plant said, “Absolutely disturbed. Yah know, it’s just a little kid! Never had a chance in this world. It’s terrible.”

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children generated a computer image of what she may look like. Long brown hair, sweet chubby cheeks, and big brown eyes. Authorities also released pictures of some of the evidence, a zebra blanket found with her- and polka dotted leggings she was wearing.

Image Credit: Massachusetts State Police
Image Credit: Massachusetts State Police

Now, a critical discovery from those items is radically changing the course of this investigation. Lab tests turned up pollen and technicians were able to determine where that pollen came from; trees and shrubs in New England.

This new information indicates Baby Doe is likely from the area, and didn’t wash up from somewhere far away. And there’s more. The pollen was mixed with soot, telling investigators her surroundings were somewhat urban.

Dorothy Dixon said, “I grew up here. And what if it’s a kidnapped kid, yah know what I mean?”

Based on the new evidence, authorities now believe Baby Doe may never have been in the water at all, even though she was wrapped in plastic. It’s likely she was simply placed on the shore, otherwise the pollen may not have survived. Investigators don’t suspect baby doe had been dead very long.

Baby Doe is just three and a half feet tall, weighing about 30 pounds. Investigators believe she’s 4 years old, likely Hispanic or Caucasian.

Angelo Umbrianna said, “The sad part of it is that somebody has to know this child and nobody’s come forward, that’s the sad part about it.”

Police have received tips pointing to 150 different children who tipsters believe may be Baby Doe, but still her name remains a mystery; along with how she died.

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