For some customers, tax free weekend means new tires!

For some customers, an unexpected incident on the road just so happened to fall on the right day.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Sales tax free weekend meant new tires for some people in Western Massachusetts.

“I’m here to get some new tires!” Stephen Wilburn has waited a long time to get new tires. “I mean probably a couple of months trying to save some kind of money so yeah I waited for this weekend,” said Wilburn of Springfield. After a couple months of careful driving and careful spending, he was rewarded, saving close to 100 dollars on a set of four new tires for his car that would have been spent on Massachusetts sales tax.

The date of tax free weekend changes each year in the Commonwealth, but as soon as it’s set, people started planning their purchases. The 6.25 percent sales tax was waived on most purchases less than $2,500. That was fair game for tires at City Tire.

Not everyone had the time Saturday morning to get a set of tires installed on their car, but they still took advantage of the tax free weekend by purchasing their tires Saturday to be installed at a later date. In fact, Manager Andy Bewsee told 22News about 75 percent of their sales were preorders for tires, especially custom wheels that would have to be ordered, and can get expensive.

“We had three or four sales today that were rim and tire packages. The average is somewhere between 100 and 150 dollars they’re saving on the full ticket so it’s really not that bad for them. They like, they needed the stuff anyway, so they don’t mind saving the money. They love it,” Bewsee said.

For some customers, an unexpected incident on the road just so happened to fall on the right day. “I have a leak in my tire,” said Amy Deaussault of Chicopee. She didn’t plan that, and didn’t have plans to shop for big ticket items this weekend. However, she was glad she’d still benefit from the tax free holiday. “Great if I can save some money!” She added. While some planned on banking the money they saved, others were excited to spend it on a special purchase.

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