12-year-old goes on a crime spree

JACKSONVILLE, Fl. (CNN) – More than half a dozen crimes all committed within 24 hours. The only thing that may be more shocking about this story is the age of the suspect.

“12 years old and to go through what he did over the past 24 hours –it’s pretty frightening,” said Officer Mark Evans.

Thursday morning Mark Evans says the police department got a call from a woman who told them she was robbed while walking from the beach. She told us the man showed a gun and that’s not all, “He proceeded to grope me, ask for my money, flashed me a gun. Took my phone and just I’m a little shook up about it.”

The victim says when she saw the boy on a bike, she smiled to be polite but she never expected him to threaten to kill her, “That was the last thing I expected especially from him. He seemed so young so you don’t expect someone so young to flash a gun or what looked like a gun in broad day light in the street.”

That wasn’t the only crime police say he committed.  Investigators say after leaving his Northside home, he went to riverside where he broke into several cars.

He then caught a ride to Neptune Beach where he continued the break-ins.  There, police say the boy stole a bike and rode to this dollar general where he stole this gun, a toy gun he used to rob the victim.

After that he reportedly stopped to this Walgreens on Beach and 3rd. There he stole cologne.

Police say the spree culminated when he robbed a woman and made her think the toy gun he had was real, but officer Evans says fortunately it was not, “Even though it’s a toy gun, what if he would have pulled out on the wrong person? Or someone thinks that they’re getting robbed or someone has a weapon themselves? They can take matters into their own hands to protect themselves.”

The boy is now charged with a felony armed robbery and two counts of theft and battery.  He currently is in juvenile detention.

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