Rated R

1 hour 35 minutes

Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) — Some trips just aren’t worth leaving home. I’m referring to wasting gas and the price of admission to a theater near you just to see “Vacation”.

The lame adventures of the next generation of Griswolds just takes too many dumb detours.

From the moment Ed Helms and family hit the road to Wallyworld, we know right away we’re not going first class.

No matter how hard “Vacation” struggles to remind us of the Chevy Chase “National Lampoon Vacation” of more than 30 years ago, the laughs just sputter along fueled by a tankful of crass humor.

The few good belly laughs just aren’t worth the ride, discovering this Griswold’s the biggest jerk on the road.

Tasteless humor dominates this dead end of a comedy. You may hate yourself the next day for finding some of the crude situations amusing.

I cringe when I imagine the writers spending sleepless nights dreaming up the Griswolds worst nightmare, mistaking a sewage dump for a health spa.

“Vacation” just isn’t the comedy you were hoping for.

Nothing, not even a Chevy Chase cameo can rescue “Vacation” from winding up at a dead end with 2 stars.

Not even an all expense trip to Wally World is worth the aggravation of sitting through this sour “Vacation”.

You’re much better off staying home or seeing a better movie.

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