Things to get for back to school

The Back to school shopping season has been underway

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Back to school shopping is big business this time of year. 22News found out from the back to school crowd that what parents buy for their kids had better be in style.

Jason Field of Springfield told 22News, “You always like cool stuff to go back to go back to school.”

Stores at the Eastfield Mall in Springfield say they’re offering that cool stuff at bargain prices.

The Back to school shopping season has been underway now since the start of August. Parents say the love the bargains and the range of choices that come with shopping early enough.

But since most grownups have been out of touch with what constitutes the cool stuff for the coming school year, 22News took a crash course in what many students will wear when the school bells ring. “Oh skinny pants so I don’t look so weird. So I don’t like the open baggy pants, I don’t think they’re still in style, ha,ha,ha said, “Zaneskja Nieves of Springfield.

Preslie Field of Springfield told 22News, “I’m happy to get a new backpack and something cuts like binders, pencil holder.”

In search of new backpacks and new styles such a skinny pants, boys and girls heading back to school are determined to be in the words of one back to schooler always looking cool in class and in the hallways.

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