Senate wants government to investigate airline fees

Report finds no connection between bag fees and costs to airline

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Long before finding your terminal, flight delays, and the other headaches that come with travel, you have to pay up for all those extra fees.

Now, a new Senate report is asking the government to crack down on those charges, which seem to be a little random. Lawmakers say there appears to be no connection between the price of checked bag fees and the costs incurred by the airlines that impose the fees.

Darlene Kennedy of Ludlow told 22News that all these fees force consumers to take a hard look ahead of time.

“Some airlines say one thing and another says another. You’re always trying to find the best price to fly. Then you end up with all those additional costs. You really have to do your homework,” Kennedy said.

The Department of Transportation has the power to investigate “unfair or deceptive” practices in the airline industry. The report recommends the DOT investigate what exactly consumers are paying for.

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