Police officer confronts suicidal man, saves a life

A situation like this can go from zero to 60 very quickly

(CNN) – A North Carolina police officer confronted a man with a knife, and both of the men walked away without injury. The officer is being congratulated for how he handled the dangerous situation.

It was all caught on camera.

Later, the man who wanted to die met with the officer who he says saved his life.

Officer Jamie Hardy answered a call on July 27 in Roanoke Rapids from a suicidal man. 39-year-old David Bundy comes outside – the situation escalates.

(Jamie Hardy/Roanoke Rapids Police) “What Is it? What is it? Calm down. Stop, stop, stop. Everything is okay. What is it? Is it a gun?

(David Bundy/Man With Knife) “No.”

(Jamie Hardy/Roanoke Rapids Police) “What is it, a knife?”

(David Bundy/Man With Knife) “Uh huh.”

(Jamie Hardy/Roanoke Rapids Police) “Can i get it?”

(David Bundy/Man With Knife) No.”

(Jamie Hardy/Roanoke Rapids Police) “Please?”

(David Bundy/Man With Knife) “No.”

(Jamie Hardy/Roanoke Rapids Police) “Why?”

(David Bundy/Man With Knife) “I’m going to cut myself.”

(Jamie Hardy/Roanoke Rapids Police) “No, we don’t want to do that man.”

Hardy speaks calmly to Bundy.

(Jamie Hardie/Roanoke Rapids Police) “No, I don’t want you to hurt yourself and i don’t want you to hurt me either.”

A situation like this can go from zero to 60 very quickly. Hardy says, “In the blink of an eye.”

The officer’s focus – safety. Hardy says, “I was debating, am I going to have to let him go, am I going to have to use deadly force?”

Hardy takes Bundy into custody without injury.

He says, “Nobody wants to hurt anybody else. Our job is, we’re out here protecting people.”

David Bundy now says, “If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here today.” Bundy, who admits to doing drugs and feeling suicidal, had an emotional reunion with hardy.

(Amanda Lamb/Reporting) “And he tried to calm you down?”

(David Bundy/Man With Knife) “Yes he did.”

(Amanda Lamb/Reporting) “Are you thankful for that?

(David Bundy/Man With Knife) “Yes, because he saved my life.”

(Amanda Lamb/Reporting) “You were scared? (Nods)”

Bundy’s mom, who witnessed the encounter, was speechless.

Chief Charles Hasty of the Roanoke Rapids Police says, “It could have possibly been a deadly force situation and those skills he used prevented that.”

Chief Hasty says Hardy did everything right, and the proof is in the video. “The cameras are helping us find the truth.”

Donations from local businesses have allowed the Roanoke Rapids Police Department to purchase body cameras for 26 patrol officers like the one officer Hardy was wearing when he came into contact with Bundy.

The police chief says fundraising efforts will help them purchase cameras for the rest of the force.

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