Lawsuit filed after deadly tent collapse in New Hampshire

There was a microburst with wind bursts up to 90 miles per hour

(CNN) – A lawsuit is filed, linked to Monday’s fatal tent collapse in New Hampshire.

The incident claimed the lives of a father and daughter from Vermont. Dozens of others were injured.

Officials are gathering photos and other bits of information to try to figure out how the tragedy happened.

This is the moment wind started to fill the circus tent with 100 spectators inside, worried about the weather, people started to leave.

“But then immediately after that the whole thing fell.”

It’s photos like these that Noah Cardieux took, that are helping investigators piece it all together.

Through interviews with victims, the State Fire Marshal says everyone was told to stay seated just before the collapse.

“I don’t remember any announcement, no.”

There was a microburst with wind bursts up to 90 miles per hour. But there’s a lot of questions about the safety of the tent.

“The circus company was supposed to have insurance and the proper permits.”

Attorney Peter McGrath is representing three families suing Walker International, Inc., including this 13 year old boy who was hit in the head with a pole.

“A stranger covered him up with a sweatshirt, put direct pressure on the wound and helped him.”

Walker International released a statement today saying in part: “Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the families whose lives have been affected… We continue to assist in the current investigation in addition to conducting our own review of the events that led up to this unfortunate incident.”

Cardiuex is not one of McGrath’s clients. He says he’s shaken after going through this ordeal with his family, and trying to save Robert and Annabelle Young, who were killed.

“There were three or four of us at that point trying to lift the tent and get, you know, search under there for the little girl.”

The Fire Marshal’s office is still asking witnesses to contact them with pictures and video.

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