Can you tell an airsoft gun from a real one?

Experts in both real and airsoft guns agree

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(CNN) – Airsoft Nashville, where families buy airsoft guns that look like automatic weapons, rifles and handguns. So what do you have to do to get one?

Owner Josh Burgin says, “Well, you have to be 18.” The staff checks your ID, then, as long as you have the money, you can walk out with your very own airsoft gun.

So now that you know how easy these are to get, we’re going to go to the Nashville Armory to find out how hard it is to tell the difference between an airsoft gun and a real gun.

Nashville Armory General Manager Kennan Sanders says, “Absolutely, at first glance, they look almost identical.”

Sanders says it’s not until you pick it up and test the action that you can tell the difference. Most airsoft guns are sold with an orange tip on the muzzle, designed to let people know it’s not a real firearm, but it doesn’t take much effort to remove it. It’s not impossible at all. It’s simply just a piece of plastic you can pry right off the end of the firearm.

Police say an airsoft pistol with the orange tip missing is exactly what Montano used to threaten officers, who had no choice but to fire back.

Metro Police Spokesperson Don Aaron says, “As you look at the gun, if someone confronted you with it, you would think it was a real pistol, and obviously an airsoft gun makes noise.

Experts in both real and airsoft guns agree. “It’s almost impossible to tell the difference.”

“If you point that at an officer, or have it around an officer, they’re going to treat it like a real gun.”

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