Shots fired near Camp Shelby for second day in a row

UPDATE // For the second day in a row, shots were fired near Camp Shelby where soldiers train.

While authorities were searching for the shooter, a man in a truck matching the description of the one they were looking for, reportedly fired again.

Law enforcement officers took an unidentified man into custody on Highway 29 near Red Hill Road just moments ago. Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith said it is a possibility that this man fired shots near Camp Shelby. red truck and possible suspect

Authorities were searching for a white man in a maroon truck in connection to the shootings from Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The man who authorities pulled over has been taken in for questioning. Several agencies are searching his truck.

No one was injured in either of those shootings.


Governor Bryant issued this statement:

I am in close  contact with the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, and all available personnel and assets will be utilized to locate the suspect and affect an arrest. The Soldiers at Camp Shelby and across the state can and should take appropriate steps to defend themselves as necessary. This is one of the reasons I recently signed an executive order directing certain National Guard personnel to be armed.”



As authorities were investigating where shots were fired near Camp Shelby, a red truck drove by.

Authorities were able to chase down the truck and pull them over.


PERRY COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Authorities said soldiers training at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center reported that shots fired into the air near Peret Tower Road and Highway 29 in Perry County.

This is the same area where soldiers reported gunfire on Tuesday.

The shooter is described as a white male in a red pickup truck, make and model unknown; this is the same description of the man described to authorities during Tuesday’s incident, according to officials.

No service members have been hurt or injured.

Camp Shelby is currently participating in a coordinated effort with Perry County authorities to locate the suspect responsible for today’s incident.

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