Local food pantries in need of food during the summer

Summer lunch programs are discontinued during August

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Thousands of Western Massachusetts families face a food shortage in summer.

Summer lunch programs are discontinued during August, which places a burden on the families of limited means. With so many potential food donors on vacation, there are far fewer summertime food drives.

Andrea Marion of Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry in Chicopee said she’s running short of some of the most important food items, “I would say we’re seeing a decrease in meat, chicken, poultry and beef. We’re just going though it so quickly we can’t keep up.”

Before Janet Lever began volunteering at Lorraine’s Kitchen, she and her family depended on Lorraine’s for food on their table. She remembers what is was like seeing her kids doing without during August.

“It was heartbreaking, knowing that we didn’t have enough food to give to the family, you’re heartbroken,” said Lever.

There’s apparently no shortage during the holidays when food drives are plentiful. However, it’s during the late summer when western Massachusetts food pantries struggle to help more than a quarter of a million clients in the four western counties.

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