Investigators confident plane debris is part of Flight 370

Nearly 240 souls were on board that flight more than a year ago

PARIS (CNN) – Debris found on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean belongs to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. That’s what the airline says.

Nearly 240 souls were on board that flight more than a year ago. None of them have been seen since. However, just because a part of the plane has been found doesn’t mean the mystery of the doomed flight is over.

Investigators are confident the recent findings of plane debris is part of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. “It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you that an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion Island is indeed from MH370,” said Najib Razak, Malaysian Prime Minister.

Investigators say the debris found has specific parts matching it to Malaysia Airlines. “The Malaysian Airlines company informed us of elements,” said Serge Mackowiak, Paris’s Deputy Prosecutor.

A preliminary U.S. intelligence report, completed before this part was found, suggests someone deliberately veered MH370 off course. “Fight MH370 tragically ended in the southern Indian Ocean,” said the Prime Minister.

Debris washed up roughly 2,300 nautical miles from where investigators were searching for the plane.

Family members are now in mourning after some held hope their loved ones could still be alive.

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