Heating pad claims to melt away body fat

The patients that were studied all had visible results so far

PORTLAND (KOIN) – What if we told you, you could urinate and get rid of your fat? That’s what doctors are saying! So, how is this even possible?

“Basically, I’m adjusting the applicator pad to her abdomen,” said Dr. Manish Champaneria.

Doctor Champaneria is a plastic surgeon with peace health medical in Vancouver.

“We want to taylor this radio frequency pad which will then provide frequency waves to the abdomen and to the flanks,” said Dr. Manish Champaneria.

He’s trying out a new non-surgical treatment that helps fight fat.

“The vanquish system heats the deeper tissues up to 110-115 degrees farenheight and with the deep tissues heating it causes the fat cells to break down, your body will then absorb those fat cells and excrete it,” said Dr. Manish Champaneria.

I found out the FDA approved deep tissue heating back in 2013. Plus, just this summer they approved the use of it for reducing fat. Doctors say after several treatments people can expect to lose 2-4 inches off their waist line. However, it’s not recommended for everyone.

“Patients who are within 20 pounds of their goal weight are the ideal patients for this machine and if you are not with in the 20 pounds you may be a candidate for a surgical procedure,” said Dr. Manish Champaneria.

Ashley Brierley is one of his patients and colleagues, “It doesn’t hurt at all, just seems like an overly warming sensation.” She had her first treatment last week and says she already noticed a slight change in her waistline.

“I chose to have this because I just recently had twins, so just kind of working on little trouble areas in the mid-section,” said Brierley.

Some are sold on the idea but others, not so much…

“What if I told you, you could pee out your fat? What are your thoughts on that?”

“That’s a good idea.”

“I’d say no way, hahaha.”

Doctor Champaneria says it does sound too good to be true but…

“Studies have shown patients are doing well, they have the results that support this,” said Dr. Manish Champaneria.

So how much does this all cost? It’s up to three-thousand dollars. That includes four to six treatments.

Is there data that shows this actually works? It’s still new technology, but the company says the patients that were studied all had visible results.

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