Cellphone video shows California cop unholstering gun, triggering controversy

ROHNERT PARK (KRON) — Cellphone video showing a Rohnert Park police officer unholstering his gun while confronting a person using the cellphone is triggering controversy in the North Bay town.

“This one really has got a gun on me,” resident Marcus Taylor said in the video. “No! You don’t touch me”

The video uploaded to YouTube of a recent confrontation between what appears to be a Rohnert Park resident and a Rohnert Park police officer

“Go ahead and take your hand out of your pocket,” the officer said in the video.

“No, sir. I’ve done absolutely nothing…put your gun down really?” the resident responded.

People in the town have mixed reactions when asked if what they see happening in the video is something they’ve experienced by Rohnert Park police

According to the Facebook page of the person who posted the video, he was in his front yard when a patrol car rolled by. He started pulling out his cellphone, and started recording and the confrontation takes off from there.

The officer is now on pre-paid vacation, police said.

The City of Rohnert Park has issued a statement on the video:

“We’ve been made aware of this matter and we are taking it seriously. We understand the concerns that have been raised by our community and others and we want the public to know that your trust in law enforcement in our City is a top priority. As a result, we will conduct an internal review to verify that appropriate protocols were followed. We will also review our protocols because we want to make sure we are using the best practices for the highest level of safety for both our officers and the community.”

– Mayor Amy Ahanotu and City Manager Darrin Jenkins

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