Business owner: TN theater gunman was ‘acting real erratic, crazy’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch business owner who witnessed Wednesday’s movie theater shooting told News 2 the suspect “was acting real erratic and crazy.”

Michael Bass said he was leaving the nearby Family Dollar and was halfway across the parking lot where he could see into the cinema. “There was a guy in the cinema with two backpacks on and red hair, about a middle-aged guy, and he was acting real erratic and crazy,” Bass described to News 2.

He said he heard a woman scream and saw the suspect, who police say was 29 years old, with a hatchet in one hand and gun in the other. “A lady came out moments later with blood on her face, and maybe a minute after that police pulled up,” Bass added.

He said one officer ran inside while the other used a microphone to tell people to get out of the way. “After a few seconds, I saw people coming out. It seemed to me like the guy had ran into the theater toward the back of the theater and then I heard some gunfire,” Bass explained.

Bass said nearby businesses then began shutting down. “I was standing behind a little tree then I seen several units come on the scene, then I heard some more gunfire and heard that the perpetrator had been killed,” he told News 2.

Bass said he’s lived in Nashville his entire life and never thought he would see anything like this. “The police officers did a great job in handling the situation and putting people’s safety first,” he said. “Nashville, Tennessee, is a great place to live, and, to me, this is unusual for this city.”

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