Makeup to teach your teen

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Is your teen starting to wear makeup? If so, you want to make sure they know there is an age-appropriate amount and type of makeup to apply.
Makeup Artist Alicia Dane joins us to share some tips.

1. Cleansed, moisturized, and sun protected skin in the morning and clean skin before bed is the most important thing when your teen’s skin is starting to change.
It builds good habits for taking care of your face that will last a lifetime.

2. Generally; tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, mascara, and eyeliner(optional) is all you really need for a fresh made up face fit for school.
Now I don’t agree that a lot of makeup is fit for school or always necessary, it can mean a lot to those who do want to.

3. Starting in the center of the face with a small amount of a tinted moisturizer (also called “bb cream”) on a brush or a sponge, blend the makeup into the skin evenly.
If the skin is clear you can skip this next step and move on to blush, but if there are acne spots or discoloration, a concealer may be helpful. Spot correct the spots and with a small brush with concealer and pat your finger over it to blend, repeat application just on the spot. A patting motion under the eyes is best for concealer as well. No wiping or rubbing on the soft delicate skin there. (a good habit to prevent wrinkles further in life)

4. Blush for clear skin can be a cream blush smoothed seamlessly into the skin with your fingers. It is a soft look when applied to the apple of the cheek blended outward.
A powder blush for skin with spot correction is necessary, as we don’t want to blend away all the work we just did.
In that case a translucent powder to set the concealer a very soft application of a powder blush is the way to go. The apple of the cheek is still the placement.

5. Mascara is something I find almost everyone does even if it is the only thing in your morning routine. Starting at the base of the lash with a slight “wiggle” upward creates a long and full lash.
If a second coat is needed, applying before the first is completely dry is best. Bottom lashes can get a light coat as well. (life of mascara shouldn’t exceed 3 months)

6. My last tip is optional, a small eyeshadow palette with colors including dark brown and a soft pink-y rose case be all you need if your teen is interested in makeup.
Light color all over the lid, and the dark brown can be used as an eyeliner with a small brush at the base of the lashes. Nothing harsh like a liquid liner is necessary.

*Cleaning your brushes regularly, and keeping makeup away from a damp bathroom are good habits to build.

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