Life with a disability and children

NEW YORK (CNN) – Life with a disability is hard enough, but also being a parent can make it even harder.

Jennifer Sexton especially cherishes the special moments. Just two years ago she was in a serious ATV accident that changed her life.

“I had it when I was 5 weeks pregnant with my son and it was a T12 injury, spinal cord injury. It pretty much cut off the feeling right below my belly button,” said Sexton.

Adjusting to being a mom while adapting to life in a wheelchair is also her new normal. One of the challenging parts of caring for little Thomas was when he needed to be picked up from his play area or crib.

“We cut the pool noodle like this and we put it on here and then I would just lift him under his armpit and just lift him from here like that,” said Sexton.

Also, it seems their daily routine gets a little easier the older he gets. Thomas really enjoys helping his mom.

“Most of the time it’s more of the parent’s hang up at first thinking their kid is not going to show the same affection to them when it’s actually the kid that teaches mom or dad that they just want to see mom or dad,” said Dr. Brock Bowman, Assistant Medical Director of Shepherd Center.

When it’s playtime, Jennifer makes use of the pool noodle again to prevent an injury as she slides herself on the bed.

“Sometimes we just play and I can tickle him like crazy and then I can be on the same level and you’re not missing out on any time with your son,” said Sexton.

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