Campaign Politics

(NBC News) – Advisers close to vice president Joe Biden say he may be considering a run.

Reports say it was his son Beau’s death bed wish, and now the Vice President may be seriously thinking about taking on Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times reports Vice President Joe Biden is quietly testing the waters and could decide whether to run for president by September. “If he runs, he runs,” said Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump says he’s not worried about that – or Thursday’s debate. “I’d like to discuss the issues. I’m not looking to take anybody out or be nasty to anybody,” said Trump.

Including former Texas Governor Rick Perry. They’ve been going at it.

Trump tops our latest NBC-Wall Street Journal poll with 19 percent – followed by Scott Walker and Jeb Bush.

In the latest national average, Perry’s just outside the top 10. “I will expect to be on the stage,” said Former Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), Presidential Candidate.

He’s fighting for the last two spots with Ohio governor John Kasich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. “We’ll see what happens. I’d like to be there,” said Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), Presidential Candidate.

“Once you get on the stage it’s not going matter whether you’re number one or five or 10,” said Presidential Candidate Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ).

“I was at one percent in the national polls four years ago and ended up winning 11 states,” said Rick Santorum, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Only the top 10 will be on stage Thursday night.

The bottom seven candidates will have a separate debate earlier that afternoon.

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