Are we running out of drinkable water?

Less than 3% of the planet's water is actually drinkable

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We need water every day to live and many of us take it for granted. Without it, we wouldn’t survive. Virtually everything we do or make requires water.

A new Associated Press poll finds 2/3 of  Americans think water can be depleted if we use too much of it; 1/3 believe water will be here forever.

When asked how water should be rationed out in the event of a drought, most Americans believe agriculture should be a top priority over residential, wildlife and industrial needs.

70-percent believe the government has a responsibility to regulate water usage during a drought.

Alyssa Fasolino of Northampton told 22News, “The government is responsible for taking care of its people and we are its people. If that means putting regulations on our water to take care of us overall and look long term, I think they absolutely should stepping in to do that.”

Water covers 70-percent of the Earth’s surface and while that may sound like a lot, less than 3-percent of the planet’s water is actually drinkable.

And even though most people believe water is not renewable, many of us are guilty of running water while trying to multitask. Tamara Maillet of Greenfield said, “You know, I’m guilty of it too. If I’m cleaning, I’ll run it while I clean the tables, so, I mean, you’re human.”

The poll also found people who live in the western part of the United State were more likely to view water as limited. This, as the state of California is currently experiencing a major drought.

People in Franklin County told 22News they believe water is a luxury that we take for granted, not just in Massachusetts, but across the country.

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