Questions still remain if debris is from flight MH370

The plane disappeared from radar more than a year ago with nearly 240 people on board

(CNN) – Crews box up debris and load it onto a plane. French investigators will look at this part that washed ashore on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. It’s believed to be from a Boeing 777. The same type of plane that went missing, Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said, “It’s only a very small part of the aircraft, but it could be a very important piece of evidence,”

This continues to be an international investigation. Australian teams will look at what’s attached to the debris, the barnacles, to determine how long this piece has been in the ocean. While French investigators will work with experts from Boeing to identify the part.

If this did come from MH370, crews expect to determine if the plane broke apart in the air or when it hit the water.

Not only is the debris consistent with the type of aircraft as the missing plane, but it’s also in an area Australian researchers predicted debris could drift.

As investigators work to survey the island for more debris, they also look for more answers to solve the mystery. However, it may not be the answers victims’ families want.

Calvin Shim’s wife was on board MH370; he said, “Of course the possibility of surviving essentially has become lower.”

“What kept me going until now was repeatedly imagining the moment I would reunite with my daughter again. She’s my only child,” said Zhang Meiling, whose daughter was on board MH370.

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