Program urges commuters to drive first, pedal later

Photo: Thinkstock

BOSTON (AP) — Commuters choosing between driving a car or riding a bicycle to work are being encouraged to try a little of both.

Gov. Charlie Baker‘s administration has unveiled what it calls a first-in-the-nation commuting network known as Park&Pedal. Aimed largely at commuters who may live a little too far from work to cycle all the way in, the program offers parking hubs near large employment centers where motorists can park for free and then bike the remaining distance.

State officials say if the idea catches on, it could relieve some traffic congestion; free up downtown parking spaces; and make people healthier.

The parking hubs include Christian Herter Park, Franklin Park and Tenean Beach in Boston; Arsenal Mall in Watertown; Daly Rink in Newton; Mystic River Reservation in Medford; and Cronin Park in Revere.
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