“Infinitely Polar Bear”

Rated R

1 hour 45 minutes

Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Keir Dullea

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) — Zoe Saldana could write a book about life with her bipolar, manic depressive husband, Mark Ruffalo.

They star in the touching and tender domestic drama, “Infinitely Polar Bear”.

Ruffalo’s emotional disability forces Saldana into becoming the breadwinner, and Ruffalo the stay at home dad coping with the kids.

Ruffalo and Saldana give wonderful performances, and the perceptive screenplay shows a deep understanding how clueless the older generation can be misunderstanding mental illness.

Ruffalo’s children are more understanding of their dad’s condition that he’s able to look out for them.

But Ruffalo has his moments of clarity as am worth saving, which helps explain why Saldana shoulders so much responsibility keeping their family together.

You can tell “Infinitely Polar Bear’s” a lovingly conceived independent  film that studios swore off producing years ago so as not to offend the teen-age action crowd.

Treat yourself to Mark Ruffalo’s terrific acting in this infinitely heartfelt drama, that I have no qualms about giving 3 stars.

“Infinitely Polar Bear” is such a lovely way to spend a quality night at the movies.

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