Warning against free public Wi-Fi

Never do your online banking while on a public Wi-Fi server

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Logging on in public may make you an easy target to hackers.

“It’s a little nerve wracking thinking if I’m going to check my bank account or something online that someone might have potential access to it,” James Higgins, who works in Springfield, told 22News.

Now, the latest survey from AARP’s fraud watch report says one quarter of adults on the internet use a free, public Wi-Fi service at least once a week. It also shows that the majority of those people have done something on that Wi-Fi service that may have compromised their personal information.

Danny Davis, the Chief of Information Technologies at Springfield College told 22News being mindful of where you are when logging onto a public Wi-Fi network could help keep your personal information safe.

“For example security experts tell us the most vunerable place is public airports because of the congestion of people and because the Wi-Fi there is typically an open piece,” Davis said.

He also said that free Wi-Fi offered at smaller places like your local coffee shop could also put your information at risk, because they may not invest the money needed to keep their Wi-Fi system secure.

Here’s what to do to protect your information from hackers:

  • Never do your online banking while on a public Wi-Fi server.
  • Avoid doing things online that require a password
  • Don’t let your mobile device or tablet automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi, instead control that connection manually.

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