SAT Tips for students

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Standardized testing can be stressful & worrisome, but worry no more!  Alexis Avila, Founder of Prepped & Polished, Tutoring and Test Preparation told us what to do the day before and day of your SAT or ACT Test.

Top Ten Tips What to do the day before and day of your SAT or ACT Test:


  1. Pack all your stuff that you’ll need for tomorrow including:
  • 5-6 Sharpened number two pencils
  • admission ticket
  • photo ID
  • calculator with fresh batteries
  • snacks and water
  • sweatshirt
  1. Know how to get to the testing site.
  • In other words, don’t get lost or may start the test late. If necessary, plug the address into your GPS and drive from your house to the test site.
  1. Eat an enjoyable meal and relax.
  • Feel free to catch an EARLY movie or watch a movie at home.  Don’t go to a late movie or a party.
  1. Don’t cram.
  • Don’t cram the night before the test and do a bunch of SAT or ACT practice test sections. Cramming will fry your brain and stress you out.  Instead, do some leisure reading or memorize some math formulas to keep your mind sharp.
  1. Rest and Get to Sleep early.
  • Get to bed a little earlier than you usually do so you can relax your mind and body and give yourself plenty of energy going into tomorrow morning’s test.


  1. Wake up early.
  • By waking up early you give yourself ample time to get into your morning routine. Plus you’ll wake up in a good mood and stress-free knowing you not you already packed your backpack the night before!
  1. Eat a good breakfast full of protein and carbs.
  • Don’t eat fried or high sugar foods! Instead, a protein and carb enriched breakfast will give you sustained energy over the course of a four hour test.  Pre test breakfast suggestions include:
  • Two scrambled eggs with whole grain toast, and glass of OJ
  • Steel cut oats with skim milk topped with berries
  • Whole grain toast with a thin layer of peanut butter and sliced bananas
  1. Do a couple of easy math problems while eating breakfast.
  • Doing some math in the morning will wake up the brain and keep you sharp.
  1. Leave for the test site early.
  • If you get to the test site late you may wind up in the worst seat, or even worse, may miss a section of the test.
  1. For a test break snack, eat dark chocolate.
  • A dark chocolate bar is a really good thing to have if you feel like you’re in a slump. It gives you a burst of energy without the crash.



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