Good samaritans stop skateboard attack on a sheriff’s deputy

Gerdes reportedly became argumentative

Photo Courtesy: KSL

(KSL) – Two motorists are to thank for helping stop an assault on a Utah sheriff’s deputy Wednesday.

The Weber County deputy stopped 23-year-old Everett Gerdes for riding his skateboard down the middle of Washington Boulevard according to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. Lane Findlay said state law requires skateboarders and pedestrians to stay on the shoulder of the road for safety reasons.

Investigators said at first Gerdes refused to stop when the deputy pulled behind the man in his patrol car, but that he eventually pulled over on his skateboard. Gerdes reportedly became argumentative when the deputy asked for his identification, then tried to escape on his skateboard.

“The deputy grabbed hold of him and as soon as he did the fight was on,” Findlay said. “It ended up going to the ground. It was a knock-down, drag-out-type fight and at one point the suspect was on top of the deputy and actually had a hold of his neck and was choking him.”

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