Springfield residents stranded because of broken elevators…again

Elevator problems persist at Springfield high-rise apartments

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a story that might sound familiar. For the second time in the past month, the only two elevators inside a Springfield high-rise apartment broke down.  Residents were left stranded once again, and they want answers.

Wednesday, the Chestnut Tower Apartments’ two elevators were out of service at the same time.  In fact, a child got stuck inside the elevator for a short time, while disabled residents were stranded outside.

“It’s sad you have to complain, when these things should be taken care of,” said Gerald Clark, a tenant who lives on the third floor. “We shouldn’t be harassing them to get things done.”

Chestnut Towers has 17 floors. Elizabeth Hernandez lives on the 14th floor, and she’s tired of being forced to walk up all those stairs.

“This is a never-ending issue in this building. Both elevators are always down, then they fix one. We’re lucky to at least have one of them fixed so we can get up and down,” she told 22News.

All the residents who have been stranded outside the apartments more than once, say safety is their biggest concern.

“The ambulance had to come and grab someone from a floor higher than 5,” said Richard Mendez, who lives on the 5th floor. “They grabbed someone through the stairs… and having the risk of other people carrying them.”

22News has left several messages for the property manager since last month’s malfunctions. Now, his voicemail box is full and he has yet to return any of our phone calls.

As of Wednesday evening, one elevator was working again, but the second one has been broken for months. Another round of inspections are scheduled for Thursday.

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