Review: The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – So when I review phones, the process works like this…I receive the phone, check it out for a week and send it back. Sending them back is usually something I don’t give a second thought to.

The Galaxy S6 Active however….I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to this bad boy.

The S6 Active is an AT&T exclusive. That is good for AT&T but unlucky for everyone else.S6 Active body

I am a big big fan of it’s beefy big brother.

The guts of this phone are essentially the same as the S6..the hardware is were you see the big difference.

Where the S6 has a high end classic smart phone feel to it, the S6 Active feels like it is ready for combat.

S6 ActiveLiterally ready for combat by the way, the casing sports a camouflage pattern.

When I first saw it, i thought it looked rather odd but it kind of grew on me.

The edges had an extra layer of protection, that should keep you from needing to buy a case.

With that said, it’s not invincible, so while you could skip the case I would still recommend a screen protector. It can still shatter if dropped.

This phone is also water proof. You read that right, drop in the sink while doing dishes? All good, kid throws it in the toilette? Clean it off (really well) and you’re good to go!

Now, you can’t go swimming with it. It is graded at being able to go one meter deep for 30 minutes. So if you’re laying in the pool want to check out Facebook your phone taking an accidental quick dip is fine.

The S6 Active also adds an extra short-cut button. On the upper part of the left hand side you have one touch access to a set of different tools like the activity tracker, flashlight, barometer things like that.

The button has good intentions, and even a great purpose but I couldn’t get the hang of using it. I kept accidentally pushing it while holding the phone. It’s not like a volume rocker that needs a little more pressure than most buttons, it is just there and you will press it on accident.

Now with all of this ruggedness Samnsung had to make some changes to feature set.

For example, the thumbprint scanner is gone. All of the buttons are physical which I’m old school and don’t hate but that might not be for everyone. S6 Active buttons

Some bad though if you get this phone 32 gigs is your only choice and without expandable memory that’s it. Just like the S6 the battery isn’t removable either.

One the software side of things, this phone is nearly identical to the normal S6.

The camera does add the feature to take photos underwater.

What that basically does and gives you the option to push one of the physical buttons to take a photo. Most touch screen phones have what is called capacitive touch screens. In english that means it won’t work if you have wet fingers or the screen is wet. It’s not necessarily broken, it just doesn’t work. This mode will give you the ability to use the camera under water.

Other than that, the camera is the same, the ram is the same, processor power is the same…not much has changed.

With a little bit thicker of a body comes something very welcome. An awesome battery.

This phone has a battery that will go on and on and on. I had the phone for a week, and charged it maybe three times.

With heavy usage, it should easily last you the whole day. If numbers mean anything to you, the S6 Active has a 3,500 mAh battery while the S6 has just 2,550 mAh.

Now, go into this phone knowing that it’s not for everyone.

It could either be really cool looking or really ugly it is purely based on you’re tastes.

If you are a normal user, that lives a fairly normal life the S6 is what you want. it has a little extra class on the outside, and the thumbprint scanner.

If you are active, you are on trails if you’re an avid bicyclist this phone is right up you’re alley.

Between the longer than normal battery life, the rugged case, and being water resistant this is a great go to phone.

Cost wise, the difference between the S6 and the S6 Active isn’t much. The active costs about $10 more.

Special thanks to AT&T for sending me the phone to check out. If you’d like to learn more head over to their website right here.

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