Pier 14 shooting suspect in court

San Francisco (KRON) The suspect in the Pier 14 shooting death of Kate Steinle appeared in a San Francisco court Wednesday morning. Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez looked weak and frail with his head shaved since his last court appearance.

Sanchez was handcuffed at the wrists and ankles and moved very slowly as he entered the courtroom.  He did not say anything. The hearing lasted just three minutes as a judge set a date for Sanchez to return to court.Sanchez will be back before a different judge on July 28 at 9am at which time they will schedule when the preliminary examination will take place.

Here is a history of Sanchez’s arrest record:

Federal authorities say Sanchez, who is in the country illegally, was deported to his native Mexico five times, only to come back each time.

A chronology of events during his time in the United States was culled through interviews, court documents and government records. The exact timing of Sanchez’s initial entry into the United States and returns after deportations is not known.

—May 1991: Convicted in Arizona of inhaling vapors. Sentenced to a month in jail.

—1993: Convicted three times in Washington state on felony drug charges. Sentenced to about 14 months in jail.

—June 1994: A U.S. immigration judge deports Sanchez to Mexico.

—July 1994: Sentenced to 90 days in jail after Arizona court revokes his probation.

—December 1995: Arrested on a $20 marijuana buy in San Francisco. A judge issued a $5,000 bench warrant for his arrest when Sanchez didn’t show up in court.

—July 1996: Convicted in Washington of felony possession of heroin. Sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison.

—April 1997: Deported to Mexico.

—January 1998: Arrested by U.S. Border Patrol and deported to Mexico in February.

—February 1998: Arrested by Border Patrol and sentenced to more than five years in federal prison.

—March 2003: Deported to Mexico.

—July 2003: Arrested by Border Patrol and sentenced to more than four years in prison.

—June 2009: Deported to Mexico after completing sentence.

—September 2009: Arrested in Texas, where he claimed to be a U.S. citizen born in Arizona. Sentenced to nearly four years in prison.

—March 26, 2015: Released to San Francisco Sheriff’s Department on a 1995 drug charge.

—March 27: Immigration and Customs Enforcement issues a “detainer” on Sanchez, requesting the sheriff’s office hold him for an extra 48 hours if they decide to release him. San Francisco district attorney’s office decides to drop the case because it is old and minor.

—April 15: Sanchez is released by sheriff. There are no active arrest warrants or court orders requiring the sheriff’s office to keep him, they say. ICE is not notified.

—July 1: Steinle dies from gunshot wounds while walking along Pier 14 in San Francisco with her father. Sanchez is arrested.

—July 6: The district attorney’s office charges Sanchez with murder.

—July 7: Sanchez pleads not guilty.

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