Man arrested after shouting racial slurs, slapping waitress at restaurant

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – After shouting racial slurs at an African American family and allegedly slapping a waitress after she asked him to leave, Dustin Lowery was arrested Friday night at a Myrtle Beach restaurant.

The Myrtle Beach Police report states when officers arrived at Shucker’s Raw Bar around 9 p.m. Friday night, Lowery, 23, smelled strongly of alcohol and explained to police that he had been “joking” with an African American family within the restaurant by calling them racial slurs. While Lowery claims he didn’t think the family minded his belittling, the restaurant staff reported to police that the family decided to leave rather than listen to Lowery’s comments.

When the waitress asked Lowery and his family to leave the restaurant, the incident report states that Lowery became irate and slapped the female employee in the face.

Lowery reported to police that he only hit the waitress after she first struck him. The responding officer notes on the report that Lowery is 13 inches taller and outweighs the female employee by 120 pounds. Another Shucker’s employee explained to police that he witnessed the incident between the female waitress and Lowery and that the woman did not hit Lowery. The witness adds that Lowery not only hit his coworker, but also tried to leave the eatery without paying.

Dustin Lowery was arrested for assault and battery 3rd degree and was transported from the restaurant at 1320 Celebrity Circle to the Myrtle Beach jail.

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