ConnectorCare payment program could soon change

22News explains how it could benefit both patients and providers

Image: Thinkstock

BOSTON (WWLP) – The bill focuses on low income families enrolled in the state’s subsidized insurance program called ConnectorCare.

Right now, if a ConnectorCare enrollee misses a payment, they have a three month grace period to settle their bill without losing coverage. If they don’t pay within those three months, they’d lose health coverage in months “tow” and “three,” and be responsible for the full cost of any medical services.

The Massachusetts Hospital Association believes that system is too complicated. Instead, they want to give a person who’s missed a payment 60 days to settle their bill before coverage is terminated. That way providers know whether patients have coverage and won’t have to track them down for payment.

According to Michael Sroczynski of the MA Hospital Association, “If that payment is terminated retroactively, they then lost coverage at that point in time when we thought they had coverage. We thought we were going to receive payment for services.”

ConnectorCare was implemented in January as a part of the Federal Affordable Care Act.

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