Bill would increase the sales tax for online purchases

Lawmakers are working to make the competition fair

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s being called the “Sales Tax Fairness Bill” and it could potentially put the states 6.25 sales tax on items you buy online.

Right now the states 6.25 sales tax applies to certain items bought at a physical location. Many storeowners see it as a disadvantage because online retailers frequently do not have that same tax being deducted from them.  This bill seeks to allow the state to collect those taxes.

22News spoke with one local store manager, who said she doesn’t think it will change shopper’s habits. Linda Lawton Jacobson of Clay’s in Amherst said, “It’s the convenience of being online. We have shoppers who prefer to have a person help them and I think that that’s always going to be the case. And the online shopper I don’t think they are going to stop because of a little bit of tax.”

Lawmakers are also trying to decide whether to suspend the states 6.25 percent sales tax on August 15-16 to help spur buying in the state.

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