Amherst residents’ personal information displayed on town website

Finance director says it wasn't a hack, but a "fluke" in the system

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Some Amherst residents had their personal information out there for anyone to see on the town’s website recently.

On June 30, the town’s finance department got a call from a resident who uses their website, and they found that there was a potential for some personal information to be revealed. The website was immediately shut down and letters were sent to residents that could have been affected.

The town’s Finance Director, Sandy Pooler, said this wasn’t an outside hack, but the way their system was set up.

“Basically this was sort of a fluke, it wasn’t a hack or anything, so just there is a lot of information that is out there. We try our best to keep it confidential, and we do now have it confidential,” Pooler said.

As of now, no residents have reported being affected, but for those that had information on the town website, they can take precautions. The town is offering reimbursement of credit monitoring for a year to those that could have been affected.

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