Glamping: A new way of camping

Adirondack Safari takes most of the work out of tent camping

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(NBC News) – Who says camping in a tent in the Adirondacks has to be stressful and back-breaking? A new company in Lake George, New York is bringing luxury to a campsite near you.

“If you’ve ever camped, there’s a fair amount of work involved.”

Jennifer Matteo loves camping, but she can do without all the set up. She and her husband, mark, and their son, nick, have come up with the answer for those who like tents, but don’t like getting tense about camping. It’s a new company, called Adirondack Safari.

Jennifer Matteo told NBC News, “I show up. I start hanging with my boy. I don’t have to get all stressed out and crabby the day before vacation because I’m getting packed up.”

Adirondack Safari takes most of the work out of tent camping.

They bring this to your campsite, or even your island. “We boat them out.” It’s a platform, a tent, and a bed. But that’s just the beginning. Take a look around the inside.

“it’s 5-star luxury, 5-star bedding, spa robes, spa toiletries,” said Matteo.

Some customers want even more. “Grills, kayaks, canoes. Some people want linens added for their picnic tables and things like that,” said Matteo.

“This set-up, with a king-sized bed, robes, a satellite radio and electricity will cost you about $149 a night,” said Mark Mulholland.

And like a hotel, they don’t have to tear it down when they’re done. They say they’re not just getting requests from campers. Some are going to homes to accommodate wedding guests.

“We have a lot going to lake houses for overflow guests,” said Matteo.

The demand has been greater than this start-up company expected. It seems many of us like to camp, but we don’t like all the work that comes with it.

“You’re still enjoying the outdoors. You’re roughing it, but you’re not really roughing it,” said Matteo

As you might guess, there’s a website devoted to this trend of “Glamping”. it helps you find glamping destinations around the world.

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