Trendy, affordable beach wear & cover-ups

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Addressing your beach wear can be fun, trendy and easy to do. Terry Standish is the Fashion Doctor from and she joined us to share some fashionable ideas!

Outfitting your look also calls for versatility. It’s important we consider the entire day when choosing the right options to wear over our bathing suit.

1. The clothing pieces should be easy to change in and out and not be too tight. We want to avoid the need to struggle and squirm while changing out of our clothing.
Doing so could cause an unfortunate clothing mishap.

2. Your choices should help you feel more comfortable when covering up your suit and be able to match the activities of the day. You want to be prepared to have fun so your clothing isn’t cramping day or your style.

3. You will want to consider the changing temperatures for choices that would keep you cool, warm or dry throughout the day. It may also be about shading your body from the sun’s rays when need be.

4. You may even want to conceal your bathing suit completely depending on where we are going later on in the day or evening.
So consider a light jacket, shawl or wear a more concealing outfit to cover up your bathing suit.

5. Think about wearing lightweight and easy care for clothing- Pick options that make a less cumbersome clothing day.
(Choose wrinkle free clothing if it matters depending on your plans later on that day.)

10 Cover Up Ideas

1) Over-Sized Button-Down Shirt
Cotton, Sheer or Linen. Even a man’s button down shirt can work well

2) Large Over-Sized Scarf
Can be used as a wrap over the top of a bathing suit or be tied at the waist as a sarong

3) Free Flowing Cotton Sweaters
Open weaves, crochet or loose knit work well as a peek-a-boo to your swimsuit underneath.

4) Lower Cut Tops or Tunics
Loose or oversize tops that maybe too baggie normally would fit well as a cover-up instead.

5) Short Skirts
A skirt that might normally feel too short for other occasions could make a great bathing suit cover-up

6) Maxi Skirts
Dresses, Sundress or One Piece Outfit- In the heat think less is more so think fewer pieces means fewer items to pack and carry.

7) Over sized T Shirts or Tanks Tops
You can even do a DYI cut out version of a basic tank or tee.

8) Zip-Up Front
Tops, Hoodies/Sweatshirts or Sweaters

9) Elastic Band or Zip Up Bottoms
Looser legged pants or shorts- Cuff up pants to keep you cooler and to keep them clean and dry

10) Accessories for Shade
Sunglasses to protect your eyes. Wear a wide brimmed hat to protect your hair color and face from the sun’s harsh rays. Wear shoes that are easy on and off that also supports your feet on the many surfaces you may be walking on in the burning hot temps.

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