Mom accused of suffocating child, dumping body

(CNN) – Adrienne Williams sits in jail on suicide watch now formally charged with suffocating her little girl and dumping her body in this wooded area where a makeshift memorial still stands in Swissvale.

Williams neighbor who did not want to appear on camera over concerns for her safety, says she saw Adrienne dragging the little girl down the steps and to the car that day back in June when the child was reported missing. She says she can’t stop crying, “I felt like if I would have come down the steps and threatened her with CYS or something maybe she wouldn’t have done that.”

Investigators says they found a note Adrienne Williams wrote saying ‘being a single parent is stressful and hard.’

The Williams family who searched frantically for little Adrionna now planning a memorial on what would have been their princesses 4th birthday, “We were concerned because that’s a terrible thing to happen especially to somebody so young she had her whole life ahead of her.”

Adrienne Williams’ sister says the family is holding the memorial at the place her niece loved the most her grandmother’s house. Sonya Williams calling Adrionna the family’s baby saying, “My heart hurts just talking about it. it hurts to breathe.”

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