Michigan trash collector fired after killing dog while on the job

JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – A Jackson County couple is in mourning and a trash collector is out of a job.

That’s after the couple says he walked onto their property and shot their dog.

It happened on Monday just before 6 p.m. along the 100 block of east Euclid Avenue in Jackson.

According to Jackson Police, the dog growled and attempted to bite the worker before he was shot three times in the head.

Although the man is licensed to carry the gun, neither his company nor the homeowner knew he was carrying a weapon.

Roxy’s owners say their dog should never have been shot

“She was a bubbly happy dog and that’s what the trait of the Rottweiler’s are, they’re happy smart loyal dogs and that’s why we had her,” said Marc Boyer, Roxy’s owner.

One week prior Marc Boyer and Kim Houvener say they had a run-in with the same worker on their property.

Although he appeared scared by the dog, the garbage collector was not injured.

“Thinking about that I thought I’ll bring him the can, I’ll ask him what’s going on and Roxy was laying in front of the car and I looked up and Roxy started to bark and stood up and started to bark and before she could even get her bark out the man shot his first shot,” said Marc Boyer.

Phillip Duckham, a Jackson County Commissioner and owner at modern waste systems refused an on-camera interview.

He said over the phone the employee has been fired.

The company has no policy regarding carrying a weapon. He also added the employee operated within his rights as a CPL holder.

Roxy’s owners disagree.

“This is our castle, this is our sanctuary. His right to carry a gun does not trump our right of our home to be tranquil,” said Boyer.

Modern waste systems say they will look at changing their current policies and in the future and encourage things like pepper spray.

So far, no charges have been filed in the incident.

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