July 4th terror plots stopped by law enforement

ISIS called for supporters to attack Americans

(CNN) – This Fourth of July – among the flags stood police, apparently for good reason. The FBI says law enforcement stopped several terror threats, including plots around the July 4th weekend.

FBI Director James Comey has said, “I have hundreds of these investigations in every single state. And we have disrupted just in the last few weeks very serious efforts to kill people in the United States.”

In the last month, the FBI says it arrested more than 10 people inspired by ISIS, some tied to the Fourth. The plots included attacking people coast to coast, with guns, knives, and other objects. The nature of the threat fits with ISIS’ call for supporters to attack and kill in any way possible.

Authorities described the plots as unsophisticated. But Sen. Chris Murphy (D), on the Foreign Relations Committee, said, “It doesn’t take a sophisticated plot for hundreds of Americans to be killed.”

Investigators believe ISIS operatives recruit and encourage Americans to attack people in the U.S. The terror group is even selecting possible American targets. The FBI calls this tactic crowdsourcing terrorists.

But it’s not just ISIS. Al-Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula arm released a new video calling for attacks on the United States.

At the same time, army planners say they’ll be forced to downsize. Over the next two years, thousands of soldiers will lose their jobs. The army blames the federal budget.

While some of the cuts will come from retirements and attrition-planners are already warning about the potential risks associated with declining numbers of troops.

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