Dependence on technology might be too risky

The New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines experienced glitches on Wednesday

NORTHAMPTON (WWLP) – From the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning to the last TV show you watch before bed, it’s all computer-based. We all have had our share of technology failures and break downs, some more serious than others.

On Wednesday, computer glitches were blamed on stopping trading at the New York Stock Exchange and grounding all United Airlines flights across the country.

On a smaller scale, computers help us manage our daily lives and its right in the palm of our hand. So how would you react if one day it just broke?

According to Tony Russell-Smith, a service technician at YES Computers, “Computers are very good at dealing with large amounts of numbers and there are so many benefits to using information technology. We put our lives on it and it’s a crisis whenever something breaks.”

There’s even a medical condition called Nomophobia. It’s the stress and anxiety you feel when your smartphone stops working properly.

Luckily, both the United Airlines and Stock Exchange glitches were fixed. They were not related.

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