Warm temperatures bring more bugs

SOUTH DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – You have probably slapped them off a couple times during the day, and you can thank the heat. Bugs are back in business.

Warm temperatures brings more bugs and most of us are not fans!

When you go outside this summer don’t just grab the sun screen, grab the bug spray too! Typically the long and hot summer days are when insects are known for coming out. Especially at dusk.

“At sunset, you know at the evening where the mosquitoes are just incredible” said Marissa Rushing of Greenfield.

Mosquitoes are known for thriving at dusk, so if your out at that time you will notice more bites on your skin.
But warm temperatures is not the only thing bringing out the bugs, rain is too. Standing water especially because that is perfect breeding area for mosquitoes.If you like the warmer temperatures just remember it comes with a price, more bugs.

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