Tips for traveling with your gadgets during summer

(CNN) – Sharing and streaming can use a lot of data on vacation, which might lead to extra charges, especially if you leave the country.

Terry Sullivan of consumer reports says to ask your carrier about options for upping or modifying a data plan until you return.  For more savings, use Wi-Fi when available, but be careful.

“It can be cheaper and it can be very cost effective. On the other hand, when you’re using those types of public Wi-Fi, you have to make sure you’re not compromising your own security,” said Sullivan.

If a getaway includes beach time, a cheap and easy solution can keep a device safe from one of its worst enemies, sand, “You can just have a cheap baggie with a zipper on it so it encloses it. Any of your devices because sand will get into any device, even a smartphone which is really very small.”

Gadgets should also avoid direct sun and when time out on the water keeps you away from an outlet, there are ways to conserve a smartphone’s battery life, so you don’t miss any summer snapshots.

“If you’re in an area where there is no signal, put it into airplane mode and that stops the Bluetooth and mobile connections and Wi-Fi automatically. You’ll save. Just a little bit of maintenance on your phone as you’re going along can help extend the battery life of your device,” Sullivan continued.

When flying there or flying back home, check the seatback pocket in front of you, to make sure your device doesn’t get left behind.

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