Cleanup continues after microburst in Deerfield

The main damage was trees limbs down and power lines out

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After a microburst in Franklin County, the cleanup begins. Clean up crews were out here all night and Wednesday morning to clean up what was ripped off the trees.

The microburst happened just a couple minutes before 5:00pm Tuesday night on Hillside Road in South Deerfield.

Phil Allard of South Deerfield told 22News, “It was terribly loud. It was not like an inline storm and it would come again but huge, huge winds, circling, ripping off limbs.”

The main difference between a microburst and a tornado is that there is no rotation in a microburst just straight line winds and winds estimated Tuesday night were between 80-90 MPH. As long as there is no rotation in the winds, storms such as these are considered microbursts. However, they can still perform the same amount of damage as a tornado, and sometimes even worse.

One thing in common with a microburst and a tornado is all the right ingredients, at just the right time, and that can cause a lot of damage.

“The larger trees they came down knocked out the power, started a small fire, and then it went out so as soon as the power went out the fire went out,” said Vincent Traina of South Deerfield.

The main damage was trees limbs down and power lines out. There were no confirmed injuries from this storm.

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