Unemployment rate in June fell to 5.3%

The U.S. economy also added 223 thousand jobs

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It turns out the unemployment rate fell and Americans added more jobs in the month of June.

The unemployment rate fell to five-point-three percent last month. The last time we saw the unemployment rate that low was back in 2008. The U.S. economy also added 223 thousand jobs.

One West Springfield resident told 22News, he thinks our economy is headed in the right direction. “I think it definitely is, I think all the economic indicators continue to show slow and steady growth. I’ve notice that they are tons of construction projects going on,” said Michael Marsille.

Even though more jobs have been created and more people are back at work, INCOME has remained stagnant.

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