The annual Summerfest held in Monson

Summerfest begins with shutting down Main Street

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – The town of Monson has a way of observing the Fourth of July weekend in style. It’s Monson’s annual Summerfest celebration.

Summerfest begins with shutting down Main Street in the center of town for the day. Holding a fourth of July parade and spending the rest of the 4th enjoying a car show buying what dozens of vendors had to offer.

Only once since Summerfest began in 1979, has this traditional event been cancelled. And that was in 2011 shortly after the June first tornado devastated so much of Monson.

People who live here are pleased to push that sad episode deeper in the past as they look towards the future.

Cheryl Pafumi of Monson told 22News, her town’s just looking at the future at this point. “After everything that’s happened over the last several years everything’s improved even more, it’s great to see new things along with some of the traditional things, everything in this town’s coming together,” said Pafumi.

Monson now has a new town hall, new police station and many of the homes damaged or destroyed by the twister of 2011 have been repaired or replaced.

For people visiting Monson for the first time during Summerfest 2015, this eastern Hamden count community made a good impression.

Sharicka from Exeter New Hampshire told 22News, “It’s very quaint, it’s a gorgeous town, great, beautiful, I love it.”

The Pathfinder Booster club in Palmer had a presence at Summerfest. Traditionally many Monson teenagers have attended Pathfinder.

“We like to put banquets on for the kids and we raise funds to give the kids awards,” said Debbie Jerome of Palmer.

By the time the festivities came to an end just a few minutes ago, its estimated main street accommodated more than 1,000 celebrating the town of Monson.


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