Soldier honors dad, nephew, and friends who have served

McElhinney served in the Army’s Fourth Infantry.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Like a statue, PFC Michael McElhinney stood behind his Korean War Veteran father’s flag on Washington Center Road Friday.

McElhinney stood at “at ease,” a military position as strict as attention, for hours. He only stopped when a few people got out of their cars to thank him or give him a water bottle.

McElhinney served in the Army’s Fourth Infantry.

“I’m here to honor my dad, my friends who died in the line of duty and my nephew, whose blood was shed in Afghanistan.” He also added that he was protecting his flag from people who would disrespect it.

Freedom comes at a cost. And the cost is paid for by the people who serve our county… The cost of families is pretty high. The cost of loved ones is very high. The cost of my brothers who’ve returned from war has been high… I hope [people] put a face to the flag and talk to their children about what it takes to carry it.”


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