Ways to save on your electric bill

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CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – Effective today, electric supply rates went down for Eversource customers. However, 22News found you’re still paying more now than last year. So we have some ways to help you save.

Just in time for air conditioning season, Eversource dropped its supply rate from just over 14-cents per Kilowatt hour, to just under 10-cents. Eversource said the average customer would see a $22 dollar savings on their total monthly bill, about 18%.

“I don’t see it making a big impact. I think they’re making plenty of money where they could give us a break, but it’s America. It’s big business, and they’re going to get away with it,” said Adam Morgan Sr. an Eversource customer out of Easthampton.

Even with the rate cut, you’re still paying more this year, than last. Eversource doesn’t generate electricity, so when their suppliers raise rates, it gets passed on to you.  Although there are ways to save, with resources like “Mass Save”.

The state will actually come to your home and perform a free energy audit to find ways you can save energy. They’ll even install energy efficient light bulbs, water saving shower heads, and programmable thermostats.

They’ll also find any places you’re leaking air, to make sure the cool air inside, doesn’t escape outside.

Another option to consider, is sticking with your electric delivery company, like Eversource, but switching your electric supplier. Back in April, the Department of Public Utilities changed a law, so you can switch electric suppliers, without facing a fee or penalty. The supplier would profit, not the company who delivers the electricity.

To apply for a free home energy assessment, Click Here. To learn about rebates and incentives for swapping out old home equipment, Click Here. For additional energy saving tips, Click Here.

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