N.H. fireworks shops seeing plenty of customers from Mass.

Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts, but not in our northern neighbor

HINSDALE, N.H. (WWLP) – Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts, but that doesn’t mean everybody follows the law. Many Massachusetts residents make the short trip over the state line to buy fireworks in New Hampshire.

In Hinsdale, New Hampshire- just miles from the Massachusetts and Vermont state lines- this week is called “Christmas in July.” Workers at Phantom Fireworks told 22News that the store makes more money during this one week, than at any other time throughout the year.

From the moment 22News arrived at the fireworks store, it was clear that people came from all over. The parking lot was filled with license plates from New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Fireworks may be illegal in the Bay State, but many people think they’re as American as apple pie; a patriotic symbol of American freedom.

22News found some Hampshire County residents at the store, and asked them if they would admit to bringing the fireworks back to Massachusetts.

“I live my life legally when I can, but there are certain laws I don’t agree with, and so I chose to live outside the law, I guess,” Elijah Harrington of Amherst said.

Sam Rosenbach of Northampton, however, said that he didn’t have any thoughts of bringing the fireworks back into Massachusetts.

Jack Abell, Director of Development for Phantom Fireworks, says that it’s not up to them where people choose to use the fireworks.

“We sell what is legal in the state of New Hampshire. We don’t know where people are going. If they have a Massachusetts license plate, they could be going up to Maine or into Vermont, or they could be vacationing in New Hampshire,” Abell said.

A few years ago, former State Rep. Richard Bastien proposed a bill that would have made fireworks legal in Massachusetts, but the proposal has been stalled in committee.

Click here for a listing of the legal fireworks displays planned in communities across western Massachusetts.

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